Social Media Marketing

Social Media has proven to be much more than a selfie-posting bulletin board. It is a highly analytical and strategic marketing tool that produces amazing results for businesses worldwide. With Social Media, you’re able to provide support for your current customers while taking advantage of their brand advocacy to build your fan base and gain new leads. From customer service to brand recognition, Social Media can help you achieve all your business goals.

Social Media Strategy
Each social platform is unique. Your strategy should be unique for each platform, as well. Our Social Marketing Team delves into analytics and utilizes proper execution to achieve your goals on every social platform.
Brand Advocates
A Brand Advocate is someone who loves your business and wants to share this love with everyone around them. On average, a brand advocate spends 2x more than your average customer with your brand and is 70% more likely to be seen as a reliable source of information by those around them. We strive to make every customer, fan, and follower of your business a Brand Advocate.
Community Management
As each of your social platforms grow, you will need organization and goals. Our Social Marketing team effectively plans, grows, creates, inspires, and communicates with your online community to generate the best results possible.
Social Marketing
Using advanced targeting techniques we’re able to successfully sift through the enormous amount of conversations each day to target your demographics and form relationships with potential clients. Our Social Marketing team uses proven strategies to effectively market your products or services on the best platforms for your business.
Your content is king and we’re able to effectively deliver it to your audience at the precise moment when they’re online and ready for it. Using timing, tact, and dosage, the Concept Marketing Social Marketing team broadcasts your content at precise levels to achieve optimal results reaching from Park City, Utah all the way to Timbuktu.