The World Wide Web has taken over society in a sea of information, public opinion, business store fronts and cat videos. Yes. Don’t forget about all the adorable animal videos that constantly circulate through your email, social marketing sites and even pop-ups. The web may seem to be a cacophony of overloaded information where everybody has a say; but it’s also a well-recognized place for people to find legitimate information regarding businesses and the products/services provided.

Now’s your chance. Use the web to your advantage. Take hold of your Internet destiny!

But where do you begin? The Online Marketing team at Concept Marketing suggest to begin with your website. It is important to have a web-based “store-front” for your customers these days in order to begin building a relationship with your prospective client before they call or visit. This will help them find basic information and get familiar with your brand.
Our second recommendation is to improve your online reputation and the ability to be found on popular search engines. Once you have a dedicated website, it is crucial to ensure your online reputation coincides with your website message. Do you have reviews that are not legitimate and hurting your company’s reputation? Are people searching for you and click on your competitor’s information?
It is highly encouraged at this point to have an online reputation expert and SEO strategy manager review your online presence before you go any further. Online reputation management will help update all mentions of your company so that the information is correct throughout the web. It will also highlight areas where reviews are low and provide tactics to help resolve these issues when possible.
Search Engine Optimization and its rules act much like the weather does. In order to fully understand how it works, a team is often dedicated to watching trends, capturing real time data, and extrapolating possible scenarios that could happen in order to help forecast any changes in the pattern. It is a fickle science that requires constant monitoring in order to successfully play the game. Within a successful SEO team, you will find a dedicated content writer, website analyzer, back-end web experts, and a project lead to keep the team focused on the ultimate goal — front page placement.
Strategizing your SEO plan will help people find your website and beat out the competition. In order for your site to be found quickly and with little effort, it must appear that you are the expert in your field. This is made possible through optimal SEO — easy-to-read and relevant content, images, meta data, and website layout. It is just as important to have a well-rounded website that encourages people to call or order online, visit often, and navigate the entire website without confusion or questions.
And last but not least — integrating social marketing. Social marketing sites are quickly becoming the additional search engine options Google and Yahoo are quickly trying to out run. The options are endless; however, not all social marketing sites will deliver. A well-planned and outlined social marketing analysis will help determine what options are available and what will benefit your business.

The web is quickly turning into your first impression, regardless of where you are found. Make sure you “look” your best online at all times and greet the customers at the beginning and throughout each visit.