Project Description

In 2013, Concept Marketing produced 3 TV spots in conjunction with a local film production agency. The three TV spots displayed how Orson Gygi, a well-known complete kitchen store carries supplies for any occasion of any size. The first :30 spot displayed a family having a barbeque and dining outdoors together. The second :30 TV spot displayed the family dinner option and how Gygi is a one-stop shop for the latest and greatest kitchen supplies for any size dinner party. The third :30 spot showed that Gygi understands the holiday and upholding the generations of tradition.

TV Branding & Sales

These 3 television commercials were designed to help spread the word of the Gygi branding as well as improve sales leading up to the holidays, the biggest cooking days of the year. All products viewed can be found in store. And, generations of families can be seen shopping there. Concept Marketing wanted to focus specifically on the branding and kept the message light in order to attract the target audience. This also came into play when determining what shots to shoot.