Media Buyer

Ever wonder how people are able to perfectly time their ads with your schedule? Or, have you wanted to advertise on a specific show, but can’t seem to get ahold of the right person. There are many media options available that you don’t even know about. Did you know that you may be able to get an additional sponsorship for free? Well… not without the right media buying specialist negotiating on your behalf, of course.

Traditional & New Media Buying Opportunities

Don’t over think it – your traditional media options are Radio, Television, and Billboards. But with the increasing growth of online video streaming choices, the media purchasing options have grown. Now you can buy “web” time for online radio stations, television and online banner ads.
Media buying takes planning, especially in the Park City and Salt Lake City areas. Each station has a different demographic they reach with the shows they air. If an ad has been placed correctly, the ads will target the same audience as the station. If it hasn’t been placed correctly, then you will see your ad for Pfizer appear on the Cartoon Network.
But what if you had a team of people that not only purchased the correct media stations for your ads to appear, but also dealt with the billing and auditing. Concept Marketing does just that for our clients all over the United States. That’s right. If you are in New York and want to make sure your ads are properly placed, with the highest reach and frequency in Los Angeles, we are the answer. Our media buying team handles all negotiations including bonus items, billing and auditing to ensure your ads are running correctly.

This is accomplished for all types of media buying, whether it is a radio ad, a billboard or an online banner ad. Our goal is to ensure your advertising experience runs as smoothly as possible. We focus on the entire campaign and our success is reached with your success.