Direct Mail

Direct Mail comes in all shapes and designs. There is no one-size-fits-all for any marketing campaign or company for that matter. These days, you may think everything electronic trumps what you get in your physical mailbox, but be sure not to underestimate the power of the direct mail campaign. Yes, perhaps the postcard has been overdone. Or maybe you’ve seen too many neighbors simply recycle those mass coupon mini-newspapers that are delivered door-to-door. The difference between that mailer and those produced with Concept Marketing? A specific targeted audience, a responsive call-to-action, and a cohesive, fluid design.

Power of the postcard

The postcard can be quite powerful if you’ve put proper thought and planning into it. If, for instance, your direct mail postcard is going to new clients, a single postcard will more often than not be forgotten very quickly. But, if you are in constant communication with this new client mailing list, you have a better chance of seeing your direct mail efforts pay off.

The look and feel of the postcard is another deciding factor between customers being engaged and simply tossing it aside. A thick card stock postcard will stand out more than a thin, small card tucked into the free ad paper. Mailboxes are constantly stuffed with mass amounts of junk mail; so how can you make sure your message isn’t lost in the shuffle? Thoughtful design and a call-to-action of course!

Your call-to-action should answer the question “what do I want to accomplish?”. Other questions worth asking are “what do my customers need?” and “what would make a future customer walk into my store or check out my website?”. These are the questions Concept Marketing addresses when we think about our clients’ direct mailing efforts.

We also make sure that whatever you are mailing sends the right message to your customers. If you sell high-quality services or products, your mailer should mirror that kind of quality and aesthetic. Keeping your message consistent with who you are as a company is another way Concept Marketing is the best at direct mailing.

Magnets and other leave behinds

The postcard isn’t the only way to rock at direct mailing. Items like magnets, interactive items, and calendars are all great ways to think outside of the box and get your customers coming back to your business. Magnets work well when they contain information that your customers need to reference from time to time. Important phone numbers, contacts, or holidays listed on the magnet will help keep it on the fridge and out of the trash. Similarly, with calendars, the functionality of the calendar will keep it around longer.

Alternatively, interactive direct mail items are a great way to get customers engaged with your product. Mailers can have scavenger hunts inside, clues to uncover, or activities to finish, that both entertain customers and keep them thinking about your business.

Why we’re the best when it comes to direct mailing

At Concept Marketing, we take direct mailing a step further. We don’t just get your advertisements out there; we make sure they land in the hands of specific targeted customers that are more likely to want your product or service. With costs of paper and postage constantly rising, it’s important to pick your direct mail audience wisely. With Concept Marketing, we make sure there is less waste and more prospects interested in your mailer and your business. And with thoughtful design incorporated into every direct mailing campaign we work on, you can be sure that your business message will shine through.