You’re Not Using Video Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Be

When was the last time you watched a video online? If you’re like most Internet users in the U.S., the answer to that question is definitely sometime in the past 24 hours. From your Facebook feed to the websites of your favorite products and services, videos are everywhere. The average person views hundreds of hours of [...]

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Smart Marketing: Engaging Consumers Using Pull Marketing

Imagine walking through the mall. You peruse your favorite brands, checking out the sparkling necklaces and eyeing that new lipstick shade. Suddenly, a salesperson sprays a new perfume right in your face. After you recover from your coughing fit, you’re likely not going to want to hear about the latest sale on that perfume, or [...]

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4 Types of Visual Content Your Brand Should Be Creating

Visual content is the best way to connect with your viewers online. Great visual content is eye catching, informative, and relevant. If your content hits these three targets, it’s highly shareable, which is the ultimate goal. Here are 5 types of visual content that your brand should be creating regularly. Infographics Infographics are the ultimate [...]

What’s New in Digital Marketing?

While traditional marketing efforts haven’t changed much in the last 15 years, digital marketing is constantly updating. There are so many new trends, algorithms, and best practices rolling out, it’s a full time job keeping up with it. Lucky for you, the Concept Marketing team always stays on the pulse of what’s new and what’s next. Here’s a [...]

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3 Empowering Marketing Campaigns for Women

Since the emergence of the famous ‘Rosie the Riveter’ advertisement during World War II, advertising campaigns continue to focus on how to best market to women. There are often two sides to female oriented advertising. On the one side we see the traditional housewife or the over-sexualized goddesses figures. And on the other, we see [...]

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What Are the 5 Main Marketing Paths?

Did you know that the Concept Marketing team has multiple avenues we pursue to most effectively focus your advertising efforts? The best method for your needs will depend on your business goals. Indeed, some companies elect to use multiple marketing paths to get the most from their marketing campaign. Get familiar with these five concepts. [...]

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Pokemon Go: How Businesses Are Reaping the Rewards

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ve no doubt heard the brand new app Pokemon Go. This new augmented reality game has taken the world by storm, with over 5 million downloads recorded and the rate of daily active users almost surpassing the social network Twitter, according to Fortune. The game is [...]

3 Key Takeaways From Nike’s NBA Finals Advertising

Not only is Nike known for their high quality sports gear, they’re also well respected for their advertising strategies. Take a moment and look back on game seven of the NBA Finals. LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a game seven victory, coming back from trailing 3-1 in the series. When that final buzzer [...]

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3 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales Using Social Media

Ecommerce and social media go together as perfectly as peanut butter and jelly, ball parks and hot dogs, and…well you get it. Magento found that 93 percent of consumers turn to social media to help inform buying decisions online. There’s no time to waste in boosting your online presence, and you can do so through [...]

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7 Elements of Concept Marketing

What will an advertising agency and online marketing company do for you? There are a variety of services available for companies who team up with Concept Marketing. These are seven of the most popular services that most companies benefit heavily from. 1. Branding Design If you want to establish your brand, you’ll need an attractive and easily recognizable [...]