Should I Be Writing Blogs for My Company?

The word “blog” is such an ambiguous term these days. It can act as an online journal, a platform to share your opinions, or a place to show off artwork or projects. While you might not think a blog is right for your company, consider some of these benefits. From increasing web traffic to designating [...]

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The 5 TED Talks All Business Owners Should Listen To

TED Talks are a great way to learn something new, get inspired, or just take 5 minutes of your day to be entertained by articulate human beings via video. These 5 TED Talks tackle a variety of struggles and trials that many business owners face at one time or another. Whether you’re looking to build [...]

Is Food Marketing Bad for Our Children?

It’s Saturday morning and your kids turn on the television to watch their Saturday morning cartoons. You’re in the kitchen making them breakfast. But they probably aren’t interested in eating a healthy balanced meal. In between Spider-man swinging in the New York skyline and My Little Pony frolicking in the fields is a Tiger named [...]

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How Are Users Viewing Web Content Today?

It’s an important question to answer, and Google has just released findings that help inform every business’ online marketing strategy. From what we do on our devices to how we search across them, the data shows that online users are flocking to information that’s instantly accessible and relevant to several key interests. Mobile is King It’s no [...]

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Google’s “Possum” Update Affecting Local Search Rankings

Depending on how your Google Business Listing is set up, it may now be showing up differently, thanks to Google’s quiet “Possum” update. It’s not an official name, but one that prominent SEO expert Phil Rozek gave it due to its characteristics. “It is fitting since many business owners think their Google Business listings are gone, [...]

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The Interesting Dichotomy Between Our Social Image and Our Real Life One

The image we project to the world over social media is a curious thing. Most of us choose to only post our happiest and fondest moments on social (and why wouldn’t we?). But some take that another step further. Instead of highlighting prime moments in their life, many users create an entirely different persona with [...]

4 Elements Your Business’ Homepage Must Have

Your website is often the first impression a potential customer gets. You always want to put your best foot forward when it comes to an online presence, and your homepage is the foundation for this presence. Instill confidence with your current customers, compel new ones to take interest in you, and direct customers to the [...]

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2 Social Media Tricks That Seriously Boost Reach and Engagement

Have your social channels seen a dip in social interactions and overall reach lately? You’re not alone. Algorithms are constantly changing on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media giants, and these changes typically require companies to tweak their current posting strategy to keep up. To make sure you aren’t getting lost in the newsfeed, here [...]

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Using Multiple Marketing Techniques to Connect With Customers

Based on what the public sees, advertising is simply a creative way for businesses to reach customers. What the audience doesn’t see is the strategy that goes on behind the scenes. An experienced advertising and online marketing agency will get to know a client’s business intimately and set to work developing a plan that shines [...]

Are You Ready for the Newest Google Update?

For most web users, pop-ups are the bane of user experience. Many use ad blockers for their daily surfing, but often that’s still not enough. Websites now push pop-up type content onto users as soon as they arrive on the page, or even worse, while they’re in the middle of reading a page. Google has [...]