Google’s “Possum” Update Affecting Local Search Rankings

Depending on how your Google Business Listing is set up, it may now be showing up differently, thanks to Google’s quiet “Possum” update. It’s not an official name, but one that prominent SEO expert Phil Rozek gave it due to its characteristics. “It is fitting since many business owners think their Google Business listings are gone, [...]

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Are You Ready for the Newest Google Update?

For most web users, pop-ups are the bane of user experience. Many use ad blockers for their daily surfing, but often that’s still not enough. Websites now push pop-up type content onto users as soon as they arrive on the page, or even worse, while they’re in the middle of reading a page. Google has [...]

What’s New in Digital Marketing?

While traditional marketing efforts haven’t changed much in the last 15 years, digital marketing is constantly updating. There are so many new trends, algorithms, and best practices rolling out, it’s a full time job keeping up with it. Lucky for you, the Concept Marketing team always stays on the pulse of what’s new and what’s next. Here’s a [...]

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What Are the 5 Main Marketing Paths?

Did you know that the Concept Marketing team has multiple avenues we pursue to most effectively focus your advertising efforts? The best method for your needs will depend on your business goals. Indeed, some companies elect to use multiple marketing paths to get the most from their marketing campaign. Get familiar with these five concepts. [...]

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7 Elements of Concept Marketing

What will an advertising agency and online marketing company do for you? There are a variety of services available for companies who team up with Concept Marketing. These are seven of the most popular services that most companies benefit heavily from. 1. Branding Design If you want to establish your brand, you’ll need an attractive and easily recognizable [...]

Google Begins Overhaul of AdWords User Interface

As Google’s across-the-board redesign continues, AdWords is finally up for its own makeover.  Last year, Google made over $74 billion, and AdWords had a lot to do with it. It allows any-sized business to manage key-word campaigns across all of Google, and in today’s online-centric world, strong keyword strategies are gold. After eight years of [...]

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Why Your Current Website Isn’t Cutting It

Today your website is probably one of the most important pieces of “real estate” that you own. It’s the face of your business for consumers who live around the block or around the world, and is often the first point of contact for someone who might become your customer. If your current website is outdated, [...]

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Google Removes Ads on Right Side of Desktop Search

On Monday, February 22, 2016, Google rolled out the removal of ads on the right side of the desktop search results. To illustrate what that means, the first image shows Google with the ads on the right panel, and the second image shows what the new Google searches now look like. Google with ads on [...]

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Star Wars Marketing Edition: Are You Light or Dark Side?

The Light Side's fight against the Dark Side spans generations over countless galaxies. There's no need to look to the stars to join the battle, though. There's a Light Side VS. Dark Side battle waging in our own backyards. The marketing world is filled with tactics, both good and evil. Only one side can, and [...]

What kind of website design is right for you?

Nowadays, choosing the correct website design that will boost your company revenue is much like having a tattoo drawn on you with permanent marker — it will require much thought, planning, and understanding and even though the results aren’t permanent, it will take some time to get rid of completely if you do change your [...]

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