What We Learned from the Presidential Nominees’ Marketing Strategies

Election day is here! Many are just glad to see this day come and go. Others are feeling uneasy about what the outcome will be. Only time will tell who our next president will be, so while you wait for the results to come through, why not learn a thing or two about the presidential [...]

7 Elements of Concept Marketing

What will an advertising agency and online marketing company do for you? There are a variety of services available for companies who team up with Concept Marketing. These are seven of the most popular services that most companies benefit heavily from. 1. Branding Design If you want to establish your brand, you’ll need an attractive and easily recognizable [...]

Start Up Park City & Concept Marketing

We’re ecstatic for this wonderful opportunity we have to sponsor Start Up Park City! They’re hosting a free Kick-Off Event on October 29th at the Park City Library. Start Up Park City specializes in providing the knowledge, resources, and experience to those with early business struggles. This allows them to possess all the education they [...]

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Top 6 Twitter Accounts of the NFL

“I’ve been waitin’ all day for a Sunday night!” The time has finally come for Carrie Underwood to grace our big screens as we pound 7-layers of anything placed before us. The NFL off-season was dominated with more discussions about PSI than a tire shop. The pre-season wasn’t much better as it looked more like [...]

Tying the Knot with the Perfect Agency

When your company is ready to get serious about marketing, an advertising agency is a great place to start. With an agency you will be able to gain access to diverse marketing and advertising strategies.  The agency will be able to help you with your printing, online, and media buying needs. With this in mind, [...]

What to do when your product is hated!

Have you ever run into a product that evokes rage in you? I have, and it is called the knee defender. The knee defender is a device used to keep the person in front of you from reclining their seat on an airplane. The product even comes with a halfhearted apology card. The hatred for [...]

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