Election day is here! Many are just glad to see this day come and go. Others are feeling uneasy about what the outcome will be. Only time will tell who our next president will be, so while you wait for the results to come through, why not learn a thing or two about the presidential nominees’ marketing strategies?

Social media is more powerful than you think

Social media can be leveraged to win over audiences, but it can also backfire on you if you’re not careful. Donald Trump showed us that much when he spoke to supporters through his Twitter feed. These tweets have since been deleted, but Trump has lashed on Twitter multiple times, criticizing a variety of people, and alienating many more.

As of Sunday evening, Trump’s own access to his Twitter account was revoked.

Hillary Clinton used her own Twitter voice to call out Trump and his questionable tweets.

It’s clear that social media can make or break an effort, so always take a few extra moments before posting something on your company’s social media accounts. Hasty decisions could lead to unhappy followers and lost customers.

Interesting email subject lines prove important

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton utilized email marketing to connect with voters and donors. Her team used unusual subject lines to draw readers in and make them want to click through to learn more. Forbes reported on the success of her email campaign, titled “Dinner with Bill?”. Subject lines like this one leave a little mystery for readers. Many businesses can learn from this strategy and apply it to their own marketing plan.

Targeted content marketing

If you haven’t heard enough good things about content marketing, here’s one more success story to add to the list. Senator Bernie Sanders has been deemed the “King of Content Marketing”, and for good reason. His team goes above and beyond to provide quality content marketing materials, including aggregated news stories in his website’s “Democracy Daily” and in-depth articles on the issues and where he stands.

He also re-purposes content like a pro. Sanders’ team takes quotes and sound bites and turns them into graphics that are highly shareable on social media. Though he didn’t make it to the primaries, his marketing strategy presented a great case study on the power of targeted content marketing.

bernie sanders quote graphic

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