Turning Followers Into Customers

Your social media following is not just a number you can show off to your customers and competition. You should treat your following like a future customer. We may not initially think big sales when we think of social media, but the buying power your followers have is immeasurable. You can create a strategy that [...]

The Biggest Benefits of Remarketing

If you’re an online shopper, you know how fun it is to fill your virtual shopping cart on an e-commerce site. But when checkout time arrives, you may abandon your cart full of potential purchases. Here’s where remarketing comes in handy. In this example, that e-commerce site could set up dynamic remarketing ads that show [...]

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How to Make the Most of Email Marketing Campaigns

Our computers and mobile devices deliver a wealth of information to us every day. It can feel like there is so much information on the web that it all becomes white noise. Our email inboxes may actually be the one space where we feel some Zen in the web world, because we can control what [...]

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The Newest Social Weapon to Increase Engagement

We all know video is one of the most highly consumed pieces of content on the Internet these days, accounting for over 60% of all online content viewed. Live video is the latest trend to captivate digital audiences, and it’s an attractive concept. Instead of typical social feeds that show content from earlier in the [...]

Google Begins Overhaul of AdWords User Interface

As Google’s across-the-board redesign continues, AdWords is finally up for its own makeover.  Last year, Google made over $74 billion, and AdWords had a lot to do with it. It allows any-sized business to manage key-word campaigns across all of Google, and in today’s online-centric world, strong keyword strategies are gold. After eight years of [...]

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