5 Advertising Facts to Blow Your Hair Back

If you are just starting to look for an advertising agency and online marketing company, you’re probably looking for any behind-the-scenes information you can find. Take a break from your search for the perfect consultants and learn a little about advertising magic. You’ll See Millions of Commercials in Your Lifetime Between the Internet and television, [...]

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A How to Guide to B2B Social Media Marketing

Creating a strategic and effective business to business marketing plan can be tricky. It might not seem immediately apparent that social media would play into your B2B marketing strategy, seeing as it’s typically consumers out there on the social channels. You might have guessed that LinkedIn and Twitter are the primary channels in any social [...]

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Pro Tips for Getting Started with Social Media

Perhaps you have heard about social media. And, if you own or run a business you have probably heard all about how much you need to get on social media to promote that business. The problems for many small business owners are not knowing exactly where to start, and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale [...]

Here’s How Effective Product Placement Is

Product placement is so commonplace now, you might not even realize you’re seeing it. You go to the movies, and for some reason every character is drinking a Diet Coke or has a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos on their counter, and an IPhone in their hand. It’s not just coincidence. Remember E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, [...]

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Instagram Shifts to Algorithm-Based Feeds

As of Tuesday March 15th, Instagram will be rolling out a new algorithm-based feed for its users. In the past, Instagram’s feed has been determined solely through chronological order. Now, the photo sharing giant will promote favorite users and brands to the top of feeds. Instagram posted a statement about the shift in their blog [...]

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The Power of Paid Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool for all businesses, but with all the content out there, it sometimes feels like your social efforts get easily lost in the mix. Paid social advertising has been the answer to that dilemma, and its usage has grown steadily. B2C and B2B companies shared their insights on how [...]

The Lessons We Learned While Visiting Skullcandy

This week, our staff at Concept Marketing had the pleasure of visiting the local headquarters for Skullcandy. For the unaware, Skullcandy is the bold counterculture brand of headphones, earbuds, and speakers that has become a 300-million-dollar brand in just a matter of years. Their story is something simple and yet makes so much sense, you [...]

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Why Your Current Website Isn’t Cutting It

Today your website is probably one of the most important pieces of “real estate” that you own. It’s the face of your business for consumers who live around the block or around the world, and is often the first point of contact for someone who might become your customer. If your current website is outdated, [...]

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