Highest-Grossing Scary Movies of All Time

Bite-sized treats are flying off the shelves, Chewbaccas are taking over the streets, and pumpkin spiced everything adorns every menu you see. That can mean only one thing. It’s Halloween! Mature adults across the country have waited 364 days to release their inner child only to have it hibernate for the next 364. It seems [...]

October 30th, 2015|Video, Marketing|0 Comments

How to Create Viral Content

When most people think of the term “viral”, images of PSY bouncing around to Gangnam Style, Charlie biting fingers at a ferocious pace, and David’s dentist trip fill our minds with glee. How can you learn from these viral wildfires to produce your own viral content? Luckily, BuzzSumo did some heavy lifting and analyzed over 100 [...]

October 26th, 2015|Content Marketing|4 Comments

Start Up Park City & Concept Marketing

We’re ecstatic for this wonderful opportunity we have to sponsor Start Up Park City! They’re hosting a free Kick-Off Event on October 29th at the Park City Library. Start Up Park City specializes in providing the knowledge, resources, and experience to those with early business struggles. This allows them to possess all the education they [...]

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The Beauty of Billboards

Billboards serve as scenery amongst the monotonous routines of daily commuters. Day-in and day-out, billboard advertisements steal fleeting glances at 75 mph without ever being given a second thought. When executed properly, though, billboard advertising is extremely effective. If your message attracts wandering eyeballs speeding along the freeway at a frantic pace then you’ve set [...]

All Aboard the Pinterest Express!

When most companies prioritize their social media presence it typically looks like this: Facebook Twitter Whatever we have time for. All the other social media platforms tend to fall by the wayside. Forever lost amongst a social underworld filled with Kylie Jenner’s lips and “Look at these cute cats!” Well, we’re here to include Pinterest [...]