Make the Joneses Keep Up With You – Today’s Marketing Strategy

The 100-meter dash is an event that can be traced back to ancient Greece. The first modern event, in 1896, looked much different than it does today. The running lanes were separated by ropes and while some of the runners began from a crouching position, others began standing. If your body eventually becomes vertical, it [...]

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If You Build It, They Will Come – Where Social Media Strategy Begins

Where Social Media Strategy Begins As Ray Kinsella strolled amongst his stalks of corn one night, he heard a voice from the heavens say, “If you build it, he will come.” Ray continues to hear the voice for several days until he sees a vision of a baseball diamond in his corn field. As any [...]

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Images: The Real King of Content

When I was younger, my mom would read books to me to help me fall asleep. “Goodnight Moon” was a regular, but my favorite was “Where the Wild Things Are.” It’s about a young boy who dresses up in a wolf costume and wreaks so much havoc that he’s sent to bed without supper. His [...]

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