Marketing and Halloween

Happy Halloween! Below are the Halloween themes that you should apply to your marketing strategy. BOO! Don’t be scared to invest. A successful business invests 20% of their operating budget in marketing. This allows your business to invest in the future and invest in different types of marketing. King of the Goblins- Online is the [...]

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Super Moms- The Power of the Mommy Blogger

Think about your products’ consumers. What cross section of the population do they fall in? Once this is discovered your marketing plan can be formulated. Part of a strong formulation should be attracting brand advocates that your consumers will trust. This is where mommy bloggers have the market cornered. They are willing to try products [...]

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Tying the Knot with the Perfect Agency

When your company is ready to get serious about marketing, an advertising agency is a great place to start. With an agency you will be able to gain access to diverse marketing and advertising strategies.  The agency will be able to help you with your printing, online, and media buying needs. With this in mind, [...]

A Graphic Designer Knows Best

You see advertisements every day and make a judgment if you like them or don't. You might even say to yourself "Well, I could do that" If you are an advertising client it can be very tempting to try and direct a brands graphic design process. Did you know the graphic designer has very specific [...]

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When Your Brand Behaves Like Kim Kardashian on Social Media

What if your brand behaved like Kim Kardashian online? Kim follows a formula that has led to not only financial success, but also helped her become a social media powerhouse. Below is the formula for her success and the take-a-ways to help improve your success on social media. Perfection is Perception - Protect your image [...]

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