Before the birth of the hashtag, we had the pound sign. This symbol was used to distinguish telephone numbers and punch codes. Now the pound sign has evolved into the “hashtag.” The hashtag is a way of categorizing the thoughts we share over social media. To hashtag something gives others the ability to expand on [...]

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You Know What I Mean?

When communicating your vision or idea, sometimes formulating the right words can be difficult. The other stakeholders involved may not understand your vision. As marketing professionals, we have to describe not only what the client wants, but also in terms that a copywriter, graphic designer, and vendor will understand. Concept Marketing has created a process [...]

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A Negative + A Positive = Facebook Psychology

Facebook analyzed almost 700,000 user’s news feeds to conduct a study on emotion. This study was intended to test the theory of emotional contagion — if a Facebook user saw a negative or positive status update, would they themselves contract that emotion? The study found that some emotions were paid more attention to than others. [...]

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The Creative Process – Told in GIFs

The creative process is complicated, full of ups and downs. To simplify we have placed all the important steps into gifs. Enjoy! YAY a new project! We are always excited to begin on a new project.   Lets chat! This is when we nail down the specifics with the client's project.   Brainstorm. This is [...]

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