Online vs Traditional

There are many directions a marketing strategy can take that will lead to success. One of the biggest choices in marketing is trying to decide whether to rely on traditional or online media. A good mix of the two is highly recommended. An example for a new campaign would be pay per click and a [...]

June 27th, 2014|Marketing|0 Comments


Have you ever had a brilliant idea pop into your head and think “why has no one thought of this”? These original ideas are what makes today’s world go-round, especially in advertising. Agencies can conduct similar research and contact the same vendors for pricing, but what makes an agency worthwhile are the employee’s ideas. These [...]

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Businesses have traditionally had to decide if campaigns will be strategized by an advertising agency or their internal marketing department. The new luxury trend in big business is not making the decision. Instead, these larger companies are deciding to “ball jump” the campaign. The business will pit the in-house group against the agency and see [...]

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Pushing the Envelope

Advertising has been known to push the envelope in order to gain attention. Advertising must engage the customer in order for the marketing process to work. However, attracting and grabbing attention comes at the cost of good taste. How do companies know if a new market will find their brand or style offensive? How do [...]

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