How to Get a Job in Advertising

So you have big dreams of being a Mad Man do ya? If you are a recent college graduate with a degree in marketing, communication, or design you may be asking where to start. Well we are here to give you the best secrets and chance to getting hired by an advertising agency. Great start [...]

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Whoops! That didn’t work. This is a phrase many of say in our lives, but we prefer not to say it in our business ventures. Many business owners and staff begin a campaign with good intentions when creating a marketing campaign. Sometimes these campaigns fail even with good intentions. Can companies recover from this failure? [...]

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Building the Best Marketing Team

When building a business empire, proper marketing needs to be a strong cornerstone. Successful businesses realize the importance of marketing and advertising. Businesses generally seek out professionals to better strategize the future. Should the business hire an internal marketing and communications team, or hire an agency that suits their needs? Keeping Marketing in-House Pros- Control- [...]

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How Very Worldly – Advertising Around The World

American culture continues to spread around the world. Many International communities religiously watch American television shows and movies, just as Americans do. The American culture has had a large influence, but can American advertising agencies take a page from the foreign book of business? Would it work the same on us? Marketing practices differ around [...]

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Let’s play a game of “Would You Rather.” Would you rather buy a product based on A or B? A) Bun, meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion B) We would pick B. MMMMMM B…..urger. This game shows the importance of visual communication. Consumers are drawn to what they see, not read. The need to present products [...]

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