The YouTube Storm Part 2

YouTube videos are not for everyone and a company should not attempt to please everyone. Shotgun marketing has never been a sustainable plan and should not be executed in social media. To better utilize YouTube, it is good practice to simply focus on their respective target market. The site is a powerful tool to deliver [...]

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The YouTube Storm Part 1

Why a storm? Have you ever watched or been in a storm? Your senses become heightened as the thunder claps, rain pelts, and lightning strikes. The power of a storm is pervasive and tremendous. Storms start small but gain momentum from the elements and grow until they are an unstoppable force. That's YouTube. If you [...]

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Photoshop Knows No Boundaries

Late 2011. launches a YouTube video urging advertisers to run truth-in-advertising notifications along with Photoshopped glamour and fashion images. The original video receives over five million hits and the re-posts get millions more. Among the more interesting re-posts are those that use the original video as evidence of the positive effects of cosmetology and [...]

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Today’s Latest Marketing Trends:

Social media has hit the big-time. #duh. Here’s what’s new: From the standpoint of technology and marketing sophistication, social media is maturing, despite its juvenile content on some networks. Social media is quickly becoming a tool for retaining preferred customers in addition to finding new customers. Social media marketing strategies are a necessity for business [...]

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